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Second to none in powder and bulk engineering

BM Endüstri delivers effective and efficient engineering solutions by combining experience and a broad knowledge base with a strong presence in the international engineering community.
Our philosophy has always been to provide highest customer satisfaction and technical excellence through “good engineering” practices, be it a smallest equipment supply or a complete process design.
Feeding and conveying

Schrage, Wutra, Floveyor, Kreisel

Screening and Separation


Drying and Cooling


Crushing and Grinding

Jehmlich, Mecaroanne, Gruber Hermanos

Schrage tube chain conveyors are continuously replacing other mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems on account of their small footprint, versatile design, low O&M costs, gentle dust and gas tight conveying principle without residual volumes.
Ability to convey multiple products in a single line, ATEX certification, ease of cleaning and very low wear and tear on both the conveying line and the material makes Schrage a unique choice in almost every industry.
Germany’s oldest vibrating screen manufacturer Rhewum is the world leader in high capacity screening of very fine materials since 1927, through its proprietary direct excitation technology.
Rhewum delivers unrivalled performance and long lasting separation solutions with superior manufacturing quality and engineering.
In every industry, drying and cooling are among the most energy intensive processes. Ingetecsa provides the most effective and efficient thermal processes in every scope and scale dictated by the process and product requirements for over 50 years through its proprietary design and technologies.



BM Endüstri provides an array of engineering services as well as process equipment supply.
Feasibility, pre-design, basic and detailed engineering, plant design and layout works, material tests, equipment selection and procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance services for all powder and bulk processes.
3D Modeling and casting services for all metal alloys ranging from a few kilos to 250 tons, manufacturing all kinds of equipment and parts up to 4.5 meters diameter and 40 meters length with up to 200 tons of weight in our workshops, compliant with a very wide range of engineering and fabrication standards and customer requirements.
Dimensional checks and NDT services for fabrication works, technological legacy documentation, preparation, re-creation and modernization of operating and maintenance manuals and other technological documentation services.
Equipment start-up and commissioning planning and supervision, team building and outsourcing for all kinds of rectification, modernization, automation, repair, overhauling and RBI/RBM services.